Our aim is to provide basic supplies to followers of Christ, as well as provide material to enhance and strengthen our walk with God.


(ARRIVED) The World Will Burn:
Science asserts that our planet is on the path to imminent collapse... How much time do we have left? What will happen to our souls when the end comes, as the Bible foretells? All of us wonder at some time in our lives what the future holds for each one of us. To clarify our many uncertainties about the fate of humanity, Renato Cardoso relates the answers contained in the Book of Revelation in a simple and straightforward narrative. Based on the events foreseen in the last book of the Bible, and backed up by scientific data, this book details in-depth revelations about the end of times and the final destiny of humanity, as described by the apostle John. The book is also illustrated with graphics from the Brazilian miniseries Apocalypse. Purchase Now
(NEW) The Ministry of the Holy Spirit:
The Son of God was only able to begin His ministry after being sealed with the Holy Spirit.This shows us that the failure of many people reflects the failure to prioritise what really matters: the seal of the Holy Spirit. Reading this book will be a spiritual watershed, guiding the reader's mind towards understanding the greatest privilege that a human being can have, which is to receive the Spirit of God. Purchase Now
(NEW) The Gold and the Altar:
This is just a glimpse of the revelations that are shared in this book with servants of the Most High. The message is an urgent call for today's Church to reclaim God's principles - among which are sincerity and care for the Altar. Each chapter is a warning for men and women not to become spiritually lost by disregarding God's call. Those who recognise the privilege and responsibility of serving the Almighty will certainly hear God's call and strengthen their faith. I challenge you to read this book to find the strength in God that you need to rise up and start over in your spiritual life. And if you are well, you'll grow even more in your journey of faith. You'll never be the same again after reading this book!” Purchase Now
40 Secrets for the single Woman:
In 40 Secrets for the Single Woman, Nanda Bezerra draws on her own experiences and offers valuable tips. The author says, “These tips will transform you into a gracious woman. Many women who are suffering in a bad marriage today were well aware of the signs whilst dating but, unfortunately, chose to ignore them. In my opinion, these tips should not be read all at once (if you are able to resist the temptation), but one secret should be read a day in order to work on a different task each day. I believe that even before the 40 days are up, you will see the benefits.” Purchase Now
In the Footsteps of Jesus
How can we find the way? Since the world began people have always looked for a way out of their problems - often without success. Many have claimed they have the 'solution' to all life's problems and promise to bring happiness and meaning to life. However, when confronted with this very same questions, the Lord Jesus answered firmly, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life". "In The Footsteps of Jesus" is an easy-to-read book that will not only help people find their way out of their problems, but also teach them how to get the most out of life. And most importantly, how to live forever. Purchase Now
Gideon and the 300:
Thought you were ordinary? Read how God can achieve the extraordinary through you in Bishop Macedo’s remarkable book. Purchase Now


How to do the Work of God: 
Without a doubt, the most important commandments the Lord Jesus gave His church was that of the preaching the Gospel to every creature. However, in order to obey His order Christians need anointing and preparation, as they will always face strong opposition to the the spreading of the word of God. So just as the Lord ordered His disciples to be Spirit-filled before going out to preach and the apostles Paul urged Timothy to correctly handle the word of God, Bishop Macedo, Inspired by the same Spirit, also teaches readers how to do the work of God. Purchase Now
The V-Woman:
Forget everything you’ve heard about being a woman. Hollywood.  Women’s magazines. Advice from friends. Disney movies. Lady Gaga. If there was a pill for amnesia, this book would come with a free dose.The modern woman is out of fashion. Here comes the V-Woman. She challenges the concepts and values of modern women. She drives against the flow on the highways of feminism. She is what men would give anything to have.
Cristiane Cardoso journeys into the past to uncover 20 secrets of this woman – and she teaches you how to apply them today. Purchase Now
It is impossible to talk about God’s character without mentioning forgiveness. Throughout the Bible we see God’s love and mercy in His ability to forgive the worst offenders. A classic example of this is the Lord Jesus’ prayer for those who crucified Him. He said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” But how can we possibly forgive an unfaithful partner, an abusive parent, or a person who intentionally caused us a lot of pain? Why should we forgive at all? Can resentment be erased? How can anger be replaced with forgiveness? On the other hand, the question that pops into your mind may be, “How can I ever be forgiven?” Either way, you will find the answers to all your questions in this book by Bishop Macedo. Purchase Now
Revival - How YOU can help bring your church to life: 
In this book, you will find a declaration of love for the spiritual growth of the children of God. When the Holy Spirit inspired Bishop Macedo to write this book, He knew that one day it would be an encouragement and guide for people who were anxious for, and had questions about revival. In an understanding yet straightforward way this book deals with a subject that is a vital importance to true Christians. Purchase Now
Life More Abundant:
In Life More Abundant, Bishop Macedo explains what more there is to life, as well as the true meaning of abundance and the secrets to both conquering and establishing. Read it. Apply it. Enjoy an abundant life. Purchase Now
  The Character of God:
Faithfulness, mercy, justice, righteousness and wisdom are a part of the character of God and are elements of His love. Bishop Macedo has preached a number of messages inspired by Gods justice and nature at the UCKG all around the world. Moved by a desire to see every Christian reflect God’s nature in their own lives, he has produced this Spirit filled series of books called “The Character of God series”. In this first of this 7 part series, learn what it means to really have the Character of God. Purchase Now
  Sin & Repentance:
The Bible says that those who sin will die, and that when a wicked man turns from his sins and does what is right, then he will surely live. What is that but a U-turn, a change of heart, a one-eighty? 
This is exactly what Bishop Macedo explains in this second booklet of the Character about the origin and consequences of sin, and how a person can make a U-turn away from them… and live.Purchase Now
The Master and the Servant:
Through this booklet, Bishop Macedo reveals the secrets of a relationship between the Lord Jesus and His servants – whom He calls friends.  With the help of various Bible passages, the subjects of obedience, humility, pride, character, rights, dependance, tribulations and the Master’s will are clearly laid out. This is a must-read for all who yearn to serve and please our Lord, and to establish a strong relationship with Him. Purchase Now
The Works of the Flesh and the Fruit of the Spirit:
“Do men gather grapes from the thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. therefore by their fruit you will know them” (Matthew 7.16-20)
But what if you don’t know how to identify good and bad fruit. How will you distinguish a good tree from a bad one? That’s exactly where this book comes in. In this book, Bishop Macedo talks bout the many manifestations of the flesh as well as the fruit of God’s Spirit. It’s a fascinating book that will not only help you understand the nature of good and evil, but also how you too can walk in the Spirit. Purchase Now
  The Mysteries of Faith:
The Bible states that people have been able to subdue kingdoms, obtain promises, stop the mouths of lions, quench the violence of fire, escape the edge of a sword, out of weakness be made strong, became valiant in battle and turn to flight the armies of the aliens – all by faith. But what is faith?  Does everyone have it?  And, just how important is it?
In The Mysteries of Faith, Bishop Macedo uncovers faith – its secret, its language, its strength. In a simple and straightforward way, he teaches how each one of us can benefit from faith and, as a consequence, start a new chapter in our lives. Purchase Now
  The Holy Spirit:
The Book the Holy Spirit is a detailed explanation of the third person of the Holy Spirit Trinity, as well as a practical guide to people who truly desire to know him. Purchase Now
  The Faith of Abraham:
The faith of Abraham focuses on the key qualities in Abraham’s character that made him an outstanding man, blessed in every way. Read and find o ut how you can achieve a life of distinction through a close relationship with God. Purchase Now
Rational Faith:
In recent times, the Spirit of God has revealed a faith that produces results, a faith that causes God’s promises to materialise. This is rational faith, not based on emotions or feelings. It’s precisely through this kind of faith that sincere people can take possession of the inheritance of Abraham. Purchase Now
Nothing to Lose 2:
The never-before-revealed memories of Edir Macedo continue with striking examples, poignant reflections, and controversial recollections. Discover how the trajectory of one of the principal evangelical leaders of the world began. How was a small church in a former funeral parlour transformed into thousands of churches with millions of members? Learn about the painful journey of highs and lows in the acquisition and development of the second largest media group in Brazil – a trip into the underground of television, a glimpse into the dirty game of power.Purchase Now
Nothing to Lose 3: 
Touching stories from a man who overcame every type of adversity to help millions of people in the most remote parts of the planet. How could a Brazilian preacher of humble beginnings start an outreach at a park bandstand in Rio de Janeiro and, 37 years later, be the leader of a church spread over 100 countries? How were barriers broken down? How were the limitations of ethnicity, culture and language overcome?
The answer to these and other questions are given in the last book of Edir Macedos memories. With touching disclosures, he opens the doors of his home and speaks about his precious treasure: family. He reveals the secrets to his marriage and recalls personal moments of love and faithfulness. He explains how Ester, his wife, was transformed into the support that enable him to endure every phase of the agony he has gone through.Purchase Now
21 days that can change your life:
21 Days to know God and yourself even better: Get ready to see the life of Jesus from a new and different angle. Renato Cardoso invites you on a 21-day journey through the life of Jesus, as you read through the Gospel of John. Its one chapter a day, accompanied by the authors daily meditations and practical lessons that can change your life.Purchase Now
  Are we all God’s children?
In this book, the author presents many different arguments that make us reflect on this diving relationship that we so naturally take for granted. Instead of seeking scientific explanations for mankind’s current spiritual situation, Bishop Macedo uses his own life experience. His aim is not to pass important information on or to merely increase the reader’s knowledge; his desire is to help you have a better understanding of the world and, above all, have a good quality life, just as God promises in the Holy Scriptures. This book will open your mind to a different way of living and seeing the world. All you have to do is make your choice.Purchase Now
  The Real meaning of the Cross:
Steeped in war, conflict, disease envy, crime and immorality, the human race has missed out on thousands of years of development. Instead of divine inspiration, fear, hatred and doubt overwhelm minds and hearts. Distance from God’s presence has caused the history of the human race to be a series of errors leading to destruction. Let’s let the story unfold and discover the real meaning of the cross.Purchase Now
Bible Studies:
Through Bible Studies is simple and straightforward, it has lots of relevant and important information that makes it indispensable for anyone who wants to clear their doubts about the Bible, or even deepen their knowledge of God’s Word. It is a unique read that will awaken the reader’s love for the Word of the Lord.Purchase Now
Shoulda Been Dead:
An inspiring true life story. “I became what I swore I never would. A violent, aggressive, cold-hearted, criminal-minded, statistic. I was no scarface, I was a corner hustler. I worked blocks, I was selling on rock at a time. I had to fight my own wars.”Purchase Now
Bulletproof marriage:
In Bulletproof Marriage, the couple Renato and Cristiane Cardoso offer solid guidance to those who appreciate the value of their relationship and want to shield it against the risk of divorce. They speak from their long (and sometimes troubled) married experience, besides their years of counselling thousands of couples.Purchase Now
The New Birth:
Though Nicodemus question seems naïve and awkward  he was educated enough to know that you cant enter your mothers womb a second time  its of vital importance for Christian life. In this book, you will understand what the new birth is, the steps towards it, and the results it brings to the lives of those who experience it. In the authors unique, simple and straight-forward manner, he helps us understand the Lords reply to the man, and then demonstrates through examples in the Bible that the new birth is possible. Purchase Now
The Profile of a Family of God:
Bishop Macedo wrote the fourth and last booklet of the Profile of God Series. In the Profile of a Family of God, the author speaks about faith, love, happiness, children, marriage and the church. A must-read for couples as well as singletons who desire to build their families based on God’s principles.Purchase Now
The Profile of a Woman of God:
Without a doubt, we have all seen big, strong men being influenced by small, seemingly weak women. A woman doesn’t have to be physically bigger than a man to have influence over him. In fact, most women are in the drivers seat when it comes to their husbands. Where does this strength come from? What is a woman’s role in God’s creation?
Within this book, Bp Macedo answers these and many other questions about women. In a very simple and straightforward way, he speaks about a woman’s family, marriage, character, love, passion and spirituality. This is a “must-read” for women of all ages, races and backgrounds. Purchase Now
The Profile of a Man of God:
God needs people who are filled with the Holy Spirit, who are not worried about their own will or future, and who have adopted the character of the Lord Jesus. These people need to think like He thinks, speak like He speaks, behave like He behaves, and feel like He feels. These people must embrace their faith in the Lord Jesus in order to be tools in God’s hands and reveal His character to the world. The Lord Jesus said that many are called but few are chosen. But who is chosen? How are they identified? Why were anointed men of the past different from men today?
In The Profile of a Man of God, Bishop Macedo tries to answer these and many other questions based on what he has seen in the Work of God and, above all, in His Word.Purchase Now
The Profile of the Youth of God:
To be a youth of God is not to have a boring life, absolutely not!  Rather, it’s a life full of success and victories, where faith overcomes this evil world and dreams become a reality.  It is to feel the presence of God and the inexplicable power of faith.  More than anything, it is to live the most extraordinary experience a human being can live.  Those who say that the life of a young Christian is dull and boring are completely out of step with reality. In fact, the teenage years are the best time to know God and to make a covenant with Him.  When this happens, everything is possible and defeat is nowhere to be found.Purchase Now
50 Tips to Shield your faith:
In his new book, Edir Macedo shows that faith has nothing to do with religion, but is related to life. The author explains how faith sustains us and allows us to see the impossible. Develop your loyalty and character in order to overcome the deserts in this day and age, and make your way down the path to eternal life. Ensure that your faith is not only in theory, but also in practice in your everyday life. This requires total surrender. We all have the ability to develop a solid faith. So, during your walk in the desert, be inspired by the tips given by Edir Macedo and fight to stand firm in the faith. You can also overcome!Purchase Now
  Songs of Faith and Praise:
Music is one of the most beautiful and important legacies of people and before the Creation even millions of angels were already praising the Lord of Hosts in heaven. In the History of Israel, Music to praise God was always heard in times of rejoicing. Singers and musicians were often present in the Kings Palace. King David said, Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God. Therefore we can say that good music with edifying and constructive lyrics has a positive influence on people, for these reason the UCKG created the songbook Songs of Faith and Praise. Purchase yours today and sing praises!”Purchase Now
The Temple of Solomon:
Entering the site is a historical journey to the Temple built by Solomon . But it is also a spiritual journey through which you discover within you, a faith that can transform your whole life . Meetings are held daily in the Temple Sanctuary, in which you can put your faith into practice and get amazing results today as well as happened in the past. In this album you will find pictures of unreleased moments of the inauguration of the Temple of Salomon, as well as the various parts that forms the Temple. It will be an unforgettable journey … Enjoy it ! Purchase Now
The Act of Marriage:
This updated and expanded edition gives a fresh informative edge to an already definitive book. New sections discuss "sex after sixty" and five reasons why God created sex, all supported by the very latest findings in the fields of medicine and sociology. For engaged couples and newlyweds who want to make lovemaking a joy from the start…For couples who have been married for years and want to maintain the flame or rekindle the embers… for every husband or wife who wants to be a better lover -- here are the insights into each other's bodies, psychosexual makeup, and need for tender, unselfish affection that can help you achieve your goal.Purchase Now
Bible (MEV) - Thinline Reference: 
This Thinline Reference Bible is easy to read, small, lightweight and perfect for Bible study, reading and devotions. Beautiful and easy to carry, it is ideal for use at home or at church and includes study tools such as: Cross-references, Concordance, Words of Jesus in red and Four-colour maps. Purchase Now
Bible (MEV) - Personal Size Large Print:
The twelve-point font is visually comfortable and allows the user to further appreciate the clarity, accuracy and reverence of the text. Both beautiful and east to carry, it is ideal for personal study at home or at church. Features: Words of Jesus in red, Concordance, Smyth-sewn binding, Ribbon marker and Gilded edges. Purchase Now