UCKG Groups: 

Caleb Group: Provides help and support to seniors through social activities, outings and help at home and other tasks.
Prison Group: Every month, volunteers of the UCKG visits Spring Hill Corrections, to assist the spiritual needs of inmates. Prayer services are held by a Pastor. 
Daniel Group - Prayer Group: A group of UCKG members dedicate their time to get together to pray for those in need, whether it’s a prayer for the sick, family problems, relationship issues or just a general prayer. 
Evangelism: Many of the members of the UCKG dedicate their time to going out into the community to spread the Word of God and share their experiences with others, in the hope that it will encourage them to seek God more in their own lives.
Victory Youth Group - VYG: The Victory Youth Group encourages youths from the age of 14+ to think positively, regardless of past problems. In addition, Youth Pastors and mentors are always available for advice, throughout the week.
Godllywood: This group was found for the women and girls who are ready and willing to be moulded to become better women. They participate in monthly tasks and do community work.
Intellimen: It is a group exclusively for men who want to be better in all areas of their lives. Men helping men, sharing what is good, working hard to improve every day — and having fun while doing it.